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Samsung SGH-E700:

This mobile phone was bought second hand. After 1 year of good use the display faded some times. After a week the main display died completely, the display close to the photo eye gave stripes. I called Samsung service centre, they said replace the whole display, costs 150 Euro. The problem was the flex foils inside the display part of the phone going to the keypad part of the mobile phone. The ground cable (one wire flexfoil) was broken because everytime the phone is opened the cable is bent a little. After opening the phone, a wire replaced the flex foil. This worked for a couple of weeks, then I repaired it again. But after a few days the phone was broken again. Then it was opened but could not be repaired anymore. Then the phone was discarded after I made a backup with the serial cable.


Problems that I encountered when I tried to fix televisions were:
- Leaking HT transformer, could cause the HT transformer humming/switch on/off, replace
- High current transistors broken, could cause the HT transformer humming/switch on/off or completely switch off, measure and replace
- High voltage capacitors broken (blue), capacitors are split trough the middle or leaking moisture, replace
- Burned vertical amplifier circuitery, a 1 line picture on the CRT, immdiatly shutdown the TV otherwise permanent damage could occure, check reason and repair/replace
- Bad solder connections, rings on solder points caused by heating/coloing/heating etc, resolder

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- Broken flex foil between front part buttons/display and main unit, order via service centre, costs around 25 euro and replace
- Blown amplifiers, when they are heated to much times and produce high output for longer periods the IC (for example TDA7563) devices fail after some time, cost for IC only around 15 euro. When repairing the car radio add some heat conducting paste between the amplifier and the car radio housing.
- Non volatile memory corruption, (VDO BMW radio) volume to the max and to the left speakers, replace a 2k (for example 24C08) NVM inside the radio, first make a copy of the current contents with a eprom programmer.
- Sometimes no receiption at all FM frequencies, found at a Landrover car radio. Not the antenna. Not fixed...

Suzuki GSX600F (1992):
- Solder connections in ignition control module, behind the left shielding part the ignition computer is located. A case 10x10x2 cm, this controls the voltage to the sparkplugs. The issues was noticed due irregular running engine when engine had run a few minutes. Also it was difficult to start the bike again after it happened. Solution was resolder the connections. The bike was first brougth to Geboers in Eersel (Netherlands). They said a maintenance turn to the bike would solve it. I had to return 5 times, they even said that they could not reproduce. I even came across the repair guy at the traffic lights he said your bike is not running good, then I mentioned him that's why I come back, then he said nothing anymore.